who we are

Engineering exceptional products

Dan and Josh met at North Carolina State University in the immediate aftermath of the Y2K disaster. Together we built a still, learned to breathe fire and wrote and recorded a space rock opera. We also both eventually got engineering degrees; Dan in Chemical Engineering and Josh in Materials Science and Engineering.

In late 2016, we embarked on a new adventure: making all-natural, artisanal shaving soaps. The mission was to create something that didn't have the harsh chemicals and preservatives that many of the large companies have while also offering aromas that we would want to have on our faces--aromas that are less chemically-smelling than the artificial fragrances used by most companies and less flower-y than many small-batch cosmetic products.​

Months of research and countless late nights ensued as we created different batches in search of that perfect combination of vegetable fats and bases. At the same time, we spent hours tweaking the essential oil load outs to create the manly aromas that would bring you to particular times and places when you smell them.

Of course, if you're going to create a shaving soap, you'll need an aftershave. But why stop there? Our hirsute brothers need hand-crafted products as well, so we worked out a formulation for beard oil.

Now all we needed was a name and a logo. We brainstormed several, but many were already taken. We finally settled on the skull with a handlebar mustache as the logo because it's metal. Still no name, so we began just referring to ourselves as "skull and handlebar" until we could come up with something better...still haven't come up with anything better (plus the URL was available.)

And that leads us to here and now as we begin selling products that we are very proud of and believe that you will be proud to put on your face.


Please enjoy skull+handlebar responsibly.

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